Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Team in Training - at it again!

What have I gotten myself into!?

I shared what it was like to be a community team captain on a call for TNT this fall and started to think about what I could do in 2015 to top my involvement in 2014 (where my team raised almost $15,000 between Nike and Joanna's participation in the Marine Coprs Marathon). I came up with the number $20,000. I want to help to raise $20,000 in 2015 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. There, I have said it in print. That is my goal.

To reach that goal I first thought of trying to run the Boston Marathon. High on my sub 4 finish at the MCM, I emailed my contact at LLS to see if it was possible. There was a slim chance that I could get in for 2015, so I applied, even though the $5,000 minimum, plus travel (since the Boston bibs are through the local Boston chapter) scared me. I didn't get in.

Then I let my life take over for a little while. Until just after the new year when I started to think about my training and goals. That's when I realized that 2015 might be the perfect year to try the 70.3 Ironman distance (that's 1/2 Iron) for me! After my amazing experience with TNT for my first triathlon, I knew I had to do my first 70.3 with them! I registered an opened my fundraising page for the Eagleman 70.3 yesterday!

What what about my team!?! Well, we had been looking for a replacement race for the Nike Women's 1/2, since it's not coming back to DC this year, but we were having trouble deciding on a Spring or Summer event. That's when it hit me! The Marine Corps Marathon, which I had been planning on doing with TNT anyway, would make the PERFECT team event because current team members, like Kristin and Joanna, were planning on doing the marathon anyway.

So there you have it... a half iron and a goal of raising $20,000 this year with my team! What have I gotten myself into!?! :)

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Monday, January 26, 2015

whole 30 - week 3

Whole 30 week 3Whole 30 week 3

Three weeks!! Three weeks!!! I have made it three weeks!!!!! I can't even explain how happy I am that I have made it through 21 days of the whole 30! (read about week 1 and week 2)

When I did my first 28 day paleo challenge I made it like 16 days and then cheated, then made it another 5, and cheated. So while it did help me change some of my eating behaviors, I never got to the MAGIC phase. Now, on day 22, I can tell you that I have hit the magic full force! I feel leaner, I am running well, and I finally feel like I don't have to eat mountains of food to feel satisfied. That literally happened over night from day 19-20, so hopefully, week 4 can be about normal portions. (You know you eat a lot when teenage boy swimmers are impressed by the size of your dinner...) This also gives me hope that I'll finally be able to make it though a 21 Day Sugar Detox, since I have both the bookand the cookbookand they are AWESOME!!!

So in the Whole 30 timeline I'm right were food boredom should set in, and maybe it would have, but I was so unprepared for the weekend (buying just enough food to get through last week after being gone for 3 days), that I was scrounging. That also meant that I wanted comfort food... so pan fried potatoes happened more often than they should have in week 3.

Chatting with Meg and Joanna (who has an awesome post about her first week of Whole 30 on her blog, Celiac Suitcase)yesterday while we got pedicures at Organic Nails in Vienna, has made me really excited to continue with some of the diet changes brought about by Whole 30! It's nice to have a built in support group that is going through the challenge with you AND wants to continue on afterwards too!

Now on to the food! Here's what I ate in week 3 of my Whole 30!

Whole 30 week 3Whole 30 week 3
Lemon garlic shrimp with Swiss chard and potato wedges and AMAZING homemade, paleo dijon garlic mayo (all about mayo here)
UntitledWhole 30 week 3
Subway Salad (how to 'Subway' here) and Chicken Apple Sausage (with mayo!)
Whole 30 week 3Whole 30 week 3
Chili Lime Chili (recipe here) and more Chicken Apple Sausage with Zoodles (get the Spiralizer)
Whole 30 week 3Whole 30 week 3
The amazing dinner Reid made for me (recipe here) and my beets and brusses snack at the pool
Whole 30 week 3Whole 30 week 3
Leftovers and more meatballs (recipe here) with some fried potato wedges and cilantro lime mayo (recipe here)

Week 3 started off out of town with my HAC swimmers and ended with 3 days of swim/dive meets - SL on Friday, HAC older kids on Saturday, and HAC mini kids on Sunday. And then, of course, I ran with the girls on Saturday morning and we did a girls spa morning on Sunday! A busy, yet productive and fulfilling week, I only wish I had gotten more time with Reid!

UntitledWhole 30 week 3
HAC kids and SL kids - basically kids of all ages act the same way in selfies! :)
Whole 30 week 3
Saturday run with Kristin, Lauren, and Joanna!

Support my blog: I buy a lot of, well, everything from Amazon with my prime membership (both personally and at work). They are offering a free 30 day membership to new subscribers and a referral bonus for me! So check out Amazon Prime and support my blog at the same time! I donate 10% of all ad revenue to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through their Team in Training program.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

chili-lime chili (whole 30)

Whole 30 week 3

After traveling over MLK day weekend, I needed an EASY meal that was so delicious I could eat it every day. That's where this Chili-Lime Chili comes in.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

hand whisked mayo

Whole 30 week 3Untitled
Mustard Garlic Mayo and Cilantro Lime Mayo

Let's talk about mayo! It's not exactly the prettiest dish in the world, but when the Whole 30 limits the condiments that you can eat, mayo becomes your friend. I never liked mayo as a kid, but as I got older, I developed a taste for it. Now I couldn't imagine a burger or a club sandwich without copious amounts of mayonnaise and call me European, but I love it on french fries!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

how to eat gluten free at Subway


First let me say that it has taken me 3 travel swim meet trips (with at least 8 stops at Subway) to even attempt to eat something there. I had been told by several gluten free gals that they had been able to get salads there with NO issue and that they were very accommodating, but I was skeptical! I was also hungry, so on our travel trip this MLK day weekend, I bit the bullet and coaxed the sandwich artists through a gluten free chopped salad.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

whole 30 - week two (with travel!!)

Whole 30Whole 30
Leftover caramelized onion and mushroom meatballs with potatoes and pineapple-jalapeno meatballs with zoodles (recipe here).

Two weeks into the whole 30 and I feel absolutely AMAZE-TASTIC! I think I hit the Magic around day 9, which would be a little early according to this timeline, but I think I also hit the digestive/pants tighter part earlier too.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Orange Chicken - Whole 30 (gluten free!!)

Orange chicken

This blog was never meant to have more food than outfits on it, but now that I'm on day 11 of the Whole 30, it seems like food is a huge focus of my life! (Though I am planning on taking outfit pictures today!!!) But yesterday I got in the mood for some asian food flavors and decided, in the grocery store, to make orange chicken. I was on the phone with Reid and he found this recipe for me. I mostly followed the recipe, but like usually I eyeballed the ingredient amounts and added some pressed garlic! I also added about a 1/4 cup of sliced shitake mushrooms.

Monday, January 12, 2015

whole 30 - week 1

Whole 30 weekendFirst 5 days whole 30

I have been talking about going back to strict Paleo for MONTHS! I planned on, then didn't follow through with, doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox after Thanksgiving, and then jumping into the Whole 30 ahead of the game in January. But that didn't happen. Instead I ate crap I NEVER eat over the holidays (all gluten free, but trust me, there is a lot of gluten free crap out there!), and I really feel like my energy was suffering.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

crockpot chicken taco salad

First 5 days whole 30

I LOVE my crockpot! I am pretty sure that there is no way that I could get through the Whole 30 (more about what that is) without it! I love to just throw things in the during lunch and by the time I come home for dinner, I have an amazing meal!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

pineapple-jalepeno meatballs

Whole 30 weekendFirst 5 days whole 30

I have made these meatballs twice in the last week since starting the Whole 30 (here's what the Whole 30 is). They are delicious and super easy to make!!!

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