Friday, February 11, 2011

(12) b-a-n-a-n-a-s!


My outfit is ba-na-nas today! I am rocking some serious Rachel Zoe hair, and both my sweater (though thrifted) and top are from Banana Republic. Not only is it super comfy (come on, it's jeans and a tee shirt!) but I think it looks kinda cute too! I just wish it were warmer. I bought this shirt because I LOVE the puffy sleeves, come on, I'd die! But the weather is such that it doesn't really make sense to wear short sleeves, 3/4 is about all I can get away with.

Speaking of getting away with things... I totally duped my friend into taking my outfit shots in exchange for a photo credit**. The problem... I am really good at modeling awkwardly in front of my tripod and even my roommate, but it's a little weird to do a photo shoot in a parking lot on your way to lunch. We did it anyway, and because I didn't know what to do thought it would look awesome, I did some jumps!

This is outfit number 12 for me, meaning that if I make it though the weekend (getting dressed in more than sweats), Monday will be my half way point for my first 30 for 30 remix. I have to say that I have really been loving remixing, but as it has allowed me to catch up on laundry, I am even MORE excited to get to play with my full wardrobe! I mean, just last night I was putting some laundry away moving some laundry from one pile to another, and I was really excited to see and feel all the pretty clothes that belong to me!!


When and Where:
  • Friday, February 11th, 2011
  • to work, Chipotle, and out with the roomie and the Poland boys
What I'm Wearing:
  • hat, shoes - Target
  • sweater - thrifted Banana Republic via Unique
  • shirt - Banana Republic
  • jeans - Gap
  • bracelets- Kohl's
  • sunglasses - Maui Jim

Reston On Location: outside the Reston YMCA


**photo credit to the very talented Reid Kasprowicz who took these shots for me before eating a massive burrito at Chipotle

Picnik collage


  1. I love your outfit! So casually cool! I wore a stocking cap today too - my sons! Your hair looks so soft and fluffy! I was having a "hairday" so I needed the hat!

  2. Love it! It's fun & chic, and you look fantastic. I am loving how your hair looks in this post by the way. Happy Friday. xx veronika

  3. Love it - these pics are so fun!


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