Thursday, February 3, 2011

(4) trouble maker

trouble maker

trouble maker

So here it is, day 4 and I have found a way to wear the skirt that I added to my remix because it is a challenge! It is a trouble-making article of clothing, for sure, but that's not the whole meaning behind the title of this post! 

I am trying to follow the advice of a friend and mix up my locations for my outfit shoots... this morning I brought my camera and tripod back to Plaza America , where I stop to get Starbucks anyway, to do my outfit pictures. So I set myself up, start snapping (got some weird looks from people), and then get approached by someone headed into work at the store next to where I am set up. She was very worried that I was taking pictures of her storefront! I assured her (and showed her) that I wasn't, but it did get me wondering what the rules are for photos (with a tripod) in public places. Guess I need to be a little sneakier...

Well, since I had my tripod with me, I decided to take a couple of pictures in front of my office as well! Here is it - lizoutfitshotoverload! I think it is just that I am really proud of this outfit.... I have tried twice (here and here) to wear this skirt successfully, and sure, this outfit is kinda a knock off - but imitation is flattery, right? ;)

So here are my shots in front of the store that is next to Starbucks at Plaza America in Reston, that was worried that I was taking pictures of their window displays. I am not going to say out-right what store it is, but I will say that I will forgive the worried employee, because I did just get some sweaters there on sale!

trouble makertrouble makertrouble makertrouble makertrouble makertrouble maker

And photo shoot number two in front of my office:

trouble makertrouble makertrouble makertrouble maker

When and Where:
  • Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
  • to work and our with friends in DC
What I'm Wearing:
  • shirt - Banana Republic
  • sweater - Banana Republic thrifted from Unique
  • skirt - Gap
  • tights - target (over skating tights... it is cold!)
  • boots - unknown via TJ Maxx
Reston On Location: Plaza America, in front of the Reston Association's Central Services Facility

outfit #4


  1. super cute! I love that skirt, Lizzy.

  2. Oh I LOVE this! I've tried on that skirt and it is a tricky little number.

  3. that skirt is my weekend mission...but wait, no shopping, maybe a gift for a sister :-)

  4. girl this outfit is gorgeous. from your coat to the skirt to your top!!! i have none of those items or anything similar but you're making me want to hunt for them post-remix :) lovely!

  5. LOVE that skirt and your hair looks great! I wish my photos looked as amazing as yours! The top photo is my fav.

  6. This outfit is bloody fabulous! Love the combo of colors and the chambray shirt w the big plaid. Super cute! And is that stream in front of your office? Because that's awesome. I want a stream in front of my office!

  7. Cute blog, and cute outfit.. Check out my blog, I'm based out of Blacksburg, VA. I was actually up near Nova and DC last Month, it was interesting. Its always good to know more VA bloggers, maybe we can run into one another one day. twitter, facebook, or e-mail is best to keep in touch. Again, enjoyed visiting your site!

    Angels Point of View - Street Style Blog

  8. This outfit is so perfect! Just enough fun with just enough reality. I love it!

  9. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! I look forward to wearing this skirt again!

  10. Liz, love this combo. It's my very 1st time joining the challenge too. Really love the layering style and the skirt. Now how I wish that from where I was from, I could layer something cute without sweating my butt off. At the same time if only I've got great long legs to carry a shorter skirt. Lol.. Am now a follower of your lovely style blog. Happy Remixing!

    Cheers -StephAnna-


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