Wednesday, March 16, 2011

biker chic

Liz: Biker Chic 2

Saturday's outfit is a little out of order because I was lucky enough to have Jenny take my pictures again! I wish she could take all my outfit shots!! I mean, who wouldn't want to feel like a model during the shoot, get the sweetest, most sincere compliments, and then have rock-album-cover looking shots for their blog. I mean, of course I want her to shoot me!

I wore this out on Saturday night, knowing full well that I would be getting a pub-crawl tee shirt to put over it. Jenny and I rocked the scavenger hunt, probably because she and I didn't participate in the drinking part of the night. (Sunday was Erin's baby shower that Jenny and I put together with my roommate) Notice that I am still lighting it up blue with my jeans, watch, and earrings! DC even called me "so J Crew" with my two belts (though, that was to keep my pants up).

I am also rocking a new shade of lipstick! I really wanted to try red, but I couldn't find the right one for me, so I went with this coral colour. Little did I know, Jenny had been reading about makeup trends for spring and I totally picked this springs hot colour! (Heidi even wrote a post about it!) J even rocked another spring makeup trend with some blue/green eye shadow! Are there any spring trends that you're looking forward to trying?

Liz: Biker Chic 8Liz: Biker Chic 1Liz: Biker Chic 5Liz: Biker Chic 6Liz: Biker Chic 4Liz: Biker Chic 7

When and Where:
  • Saturday, March 12th, 2011
  • for photos at Reston Town Center, then out to Arlington for the O'Coberolyn CRAIC pub crawl
What I'm Wearing:
  • necklace - Applachain Spring, Reston Town Center - a gift from the Whaley Family
  • jacket - LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
  • tank - Banana Republic
  • jeans - Levi's via Kohl's
  • boots - Borrowed from my roommate - via TJ Maxx
  • dotted belt - thrifted via Unique
  • silver belt - Gap
  • earrings and watch - Lou Lou's at Reston Town Center
  • lipstick - (new!) Sephora brand in Jealous
Photo Credit: Jenny Skinner of Jenny Skinner Photo and Design and on flickr

Liz: Biker Chic 12Liz: Biker Chic 11Liz: Biker Chic 10Liz: Biker Chic 9Liz: Biker Chic 3picnikfile_Z-XfOB


  1. Love these photos!! 4,5 and 6 could be ads!!

  2. Your poses are wonderful! You were born to be a model weren't you... :)

    love amy ^.^

  3. I love your photos and your poses. Really great

  4. You are looking super hot!!!! Loving the jacket...and I plan on hunting those boots down and stealing them from you ;-) hahah! The braid in your hair is super sexy and a summer must! Love it that you're rocking the coral shaded lips. <3 <3 <3 You should model for a living!!!! <3 H

  5. We have such a similar style girl! :D I m actually on the hunt for teh perfect red lipstick too... I'm thinking I'm going to MAC this weekend!

  6. Cute jacket! I love the simplicity of this outfit :)

    Love, L.

  7. such a great jacket! i have one almost just like it in black! i wore it last week on my blog! and love the pic at the top, your little teeny waist looks amazing!!



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