Monday, March 21, 2011

bunny dress

bunnies 001

I was so happy on Friday when I got to wear this dress that I had picked up the week before. I just love the pattern and full skirt, they both made me feel like kid. But in the 13 going on 30 kind of way - a kid that got to be all dressed up and rock some sexy shoes! (is it bad that I put my shoes on and then only painted the toenails you could see?)

Even though I love this dress and have already planned a couple of other ways to wear it; I do have to say that it reaffirms my feelings about Target (and Kohl's) clothing - you get what you pay for. This dress is fun, and I really do like it, but the fit is jut slightly off in the straps/bust (now, I only half blame the stores/makers - being a size 0/2 and 5'8, I'm not exactly average), and the material is a stiff rayon. I will say that I picked the bunny dress over this one because it has cotton lining, though I'm considering going back for the other one as well. I love a good deal, but I am also looking for quality pieces that are made well with nice, breathable fabrics. Basically, I want it all - for a great price!

I will say that I will buy cheaper (both made and quality of fabric) items when I know that they are trend pieces that might go out of style quickly. What do you look for when you shop? Do you spend a little more on styles that are classics over trends?

bunnies 011bunnies 018bunnies 014bunnies 008bunnies 015

When and Where:
  • Friday, March 18th, 2011
  • to work and out to lunch with friends
What I'm Wearing:

bunnies 017bunnies 012bunnies 010bunnies 009bunnies 007bunnies 002


  1. Such a pretty dress! I love the print!

  2. I'm a bargain hunter! I rarely pay big bucks on things, only when they are really really perfect. And I'm so picky that this rarely happens. I also found that a lot of pricy items are knocked off faster than you can say "oh that's expensive". Even the mid-range stuff. The art in all of this is to find pieces that don't look as cheap as they are, haha. Oh, and I don't thrift. It sounds nice in theory, but I just can't bring myself to like it :-(

    Relatable Style

  3. Oh what a fun print!! And the jacket is a nice touch, too.

  4. I love this whole look (and am slightly jealous of the bare legs!!!).


  5. So I'm clicking through your blog, and thinking, "Wow, this girl is super cute/stylish/sweet", and then I'm thinking, "Wow..that looks familiar...". Dude. Your Reston is MY Reston. Well, actually I live in Stering, but I've been working/playing in Reston for years. (I worked at the J Crew on Market st. all through college...)

    Sooo--Hi Neighbor/friend! We should get together sometime. I promise I'm not a creeper. :) (Although, that sounded creepy...darn it!)


  6. this dress is a cutie. i love to see chic dresses getting paired with denim jackets. the perfect mix for summer nights.

  7. Wow! Fun, flirty,chic without being chicky the juxtapositions you create and this one is a winner!

  8. Liz... you look GORGEOUS in the 4th photo. :)


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