Saturday, April 16, 2011

and it felt like summer

like summer_0192

This is what I wore to work the day I left for my trip. It reached a high of over 80 that day! I was kinda bummed to have to be cooped up in my office. It's funny, I just realized that this outfit (and the one before it) are pretty much all items from my winter remix! It just goes to show you how far 30 items (and some extra shoes) can take you!

I was super happy to finally get to wear this top without a jacket over it for most of the day! I just love the puffy sleeves!! It was the whole reason I picked it up off the sale rack. I'm still searching for something cool and slightly trendy to pick up here in Brussels, the problem is, everything here is really expensive. And whats not, is all the same stuff we can get in the US. Today we're off to Antwerp, possibly to the fashion museum, but definitely to the train station (even though we are driving) to pick up a Starbucks mug for my mom and coffee for the rest of us American, Starbucks junkies!

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When and Where:
  • Monday, April 11th, 2011
  • to work
What I'm Wearing:
  • necklace - Applachian Spring, Reston Town Center
  • top - Banana Republic
  • skirt - Gap
  • jacket - Earl Jean's via Loehmann's
  • shoes - Bandolino via Ross
  • watch - Lou Lou, Reston Town Center

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