Monday, May 16, 2011

hair tutorial: curling with a flat iron

I keep getting complimented on my hair (I have to admit, I do talk about it a lot: here, here, and here). A lot of those compliments just have to do with the fact that it is long - I really can't help you there, my hair just grows and I rarely get haircuts - but a lot have been focused on how I have been wearing it curly recently. My stylist, Vanessa (from Maude), taught me how to curl it with my flat iron, and now I am sharing that in my very first attempt at video taping myself and video editing. The first video is 2:34 and pretty basic on how I do it and what products I use (Sorry for the horrible thumbnail... I really should learn how to edit videos). The second video is 11:34 and is pretty much me just talking to the camera over and over while I curl my hair.

Hope this is something new that you can try!

Short Version:

curl with your chi - short version from Liz Badley on Vimeo

Long Version:

Long Version of how to curl your hair with a chi from Liz Badley on Vimeo.

Tools used:

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