Wednesday, May 11, 2011

it's 2006 or something


I was pretty happy to be able to participate in EBEW yesterday, even though it was pure luck! I just love to see how everyone wears the same thing so differently. I kinda felt like my outfit was a throw back to the late 90's or even 2002 (seriously it looked like what I wore nearly every day back then). I was even tempted to call the post '1997 again, by science or magic'. 30 Rock? Anyone?

Well, today's post throws it all the way back to 2006. That is when I bought this dress and about a year after I got the jean jacket. It has pretty much been a favorite spring/summer combination ever since. I was even talking to Jenni (on her blog Pixi in Pumps) about how great "dress up/dress down" dresses are. And that my favorite way to dress down a dress is with my jean jacket and flip flops. Mission accomplished here.


When and Where:
  • Wednesday, May 11th, 2011
  • to MWCOG for the Bike to Work Day meeting, then to work
What I'm Wearing:


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