Thursday, June 23, 2011

fit style: short run


I'm a runner. Did you know that? Yeah, you did know that since I just posted about running in my guest post for Colleen and I mention running with Jenny (and Josh and Reid) all the time. It's probably one of my favorite things about myself. It gives me an easy thing to share when I am asked to describe myself, "me? oh, I'm a runner." So for the second installment of fit style I am sharing what I wear on a short run in the summer.

I wore this for 4 easy miles alone on a Saturday morning. I'm not shy about running in just a sports bra, so when its hot, that becomes my top of choice. Just make sure that whatever you wear on top is made of a technical material (ie - poly blend) that is designed to wick the moisture (sweat) away from your skin and that your girls are supported. Seriously, support is paramount! (Read this for info)

I LOVE running shorts. When I first started running I would wear underwear with them, then one day I didn't and I realized that is why they have built in underwear! They are so much more comfortable worn alone! Is this an over share? Maybe, but I wish someone had given me that advice when I first started running! Other short run necessities: sunblock, visor or hat, spibelt (for your phone, keys, and starbucks card - just in case), and a watch.


When and Where:
  • Saturday, June 18th, 2011
  • for a 4 mile run
What I'm Wearing:


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