Wednesday, July 6, 2011

catch up, road trips, and fireworks


I have gotten so behind in posting that I thought I would play catch up a little bit and post this outfit out of order. I have a great reason for taking a little break, a weekend vacation to Reedville, VA!

We got down there midday on Friday, had some lunch, made some fancy jello shots, then suddenly found that it was Pimms O'Clock! What? You don't know what that is?! Pimms is a British alcoholic drink that you mix with sprite or 7up and add straberries, orange, cucumber, and mint to. It's super delicious! But as all my friends I have introduced it to have said, it's unlike anything you have probably had here in the US.

After relaxing with some Pimms and a boat ride, our wonderful hosts, Becca and Nick, took us to the Reedville fireworks! Apparently down there they always do them the Friday or Saturday before the 4th of July. Aside from the mosquito bites, it was a perfect day! I mean, how could it not be, all that fun AND this super cute, super comfortable dress!!


When and Where:
  • Friday, July 1st, 2011
  • from Reston to Reedville
What I'm Wearing:
  • sunnies - RayBan
  • necklace, bracelet - both gifts from Tiffany
  • dress - thrifted American Eagle via Plato's Closet
  • watch - LouLou
  • flops - Seychelles via Ross


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