Wednesday, September 28, 2011

this little piggy

I have some wonderful news to share, my roommate Tracy, is moving in with her boyfriend! Co-habitation is definitely on my list of things that I want out of the next 5 years. It comes right after "be able to afford to live on my own if I choose" and just before "get a dog (cause doggies need two parents)." But that means that my roommate (also Liz) and I have to find a new roommate (fingers crossed that it works with one we found!). This has also had me taking a look at my budget. I know I mentioned that I am working on not shopping, have been borrowing things from friends to freshen up my wardrobe, and have been trying to save a little extra here and there using my SmartyPig. Well, because of my vocal love for SmartyPig on twitter, I now have this super cute SmartyPig tee!!!

SmartyPig is an online savings account with a great interest rate. They're FDIC insured, just like a regular bank - which means your money is safe. And they have a cute website. BUT they are also so much more than a regular bank too! They let you divide your money up into smaller savings goals (that look like little piggies) within your account. Then when you have saved for what you want, you can either take the cash OR get some bonus money by getting a retailer gift card instead! It's kinda amazing! They're running a promotion if you invite friends to sign up, so if you're interested in a SmartyPig account of your own, email me and I'll get you the hook-up!

And just so you know, I asked for this shirt because of my love for SmartyPig (aka they're not paying me to say this stuff, it's just the truth). They will however pay me (and any other account holder) $10 per friend that opens an account up to $1000 a person, so that's why I keep saying "email me" for an invite!

When and Where:
  • Sunday, September 25th, 2011
  • to Starbucks to work on my own and then on a photo walk with Reid
What I'm Wearing:
  • top - c/o SmartyPig
  • tank - Express (old)
  • jean, sandals - Gap
  • arm party - Target, Tiffany, LouLou


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