Friday, December 30, 2011

Look Back: December 2010

Picnik collage

December of 2010 was when I officially started posting to Reston Style! I cannot believe that it's really been a year of (nearly) daily photos and outfit posts! Looking back at the beginning, my poses totally sucked! Hands on hips, big smile... wow, I looked like a huge dork! :)

I think when I started this blog I had dreams that it might lead me into doing something with clothes. They weren't well thought out dreams, just ideas that maybe it would lead me somewhere - but that the somewhere would be fashion related. The funny thing is, I think I am less interested in clothes and fashion after blogging for a year than I was when I started. But that doesn't mean it didn't lead me somewhere! I am more inspired by photography than I have been since I was in high school. I get excited just thinking about getting to take pictures! I can't wait to rush home and edit and share the images that I have taken. My roommate's mom's boyfriend is a photographer, and he told her that the world just looks right through a camera, and I couldn't agree more!

Even though my motivation for starting this blog has evolved, I think it's still a good exercise in finding something fun about getting up and getting dressed everyday! And make sure to check out my photography blog for some of my work!

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