Tuesday, February 21, 2012

look back: February 2011 - the 30 for 30 remix!

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I am totally cheating! This is my February look back, but really it's just my winter 30 for 30 from last year! I am so happy that I did it! It taught me so much about remixing my clothes and working with what I have, even if I did "cheat" by buying new things to use during my remix!

Every time I go shopping now, I really think about how each piece I am thinking about getting will work with what I already have. It's kinda amazing to me that I have been able to re-mix (even if it is ever so slightly like this and this) what I have and not really repeat outfits exactly! I know for a fact that before I started blogging my outfits, I would wear the exact same thing in the same way, over and over again until I felt like I didn't have anything to wear. I'm so lucky to not feel like that anymore!

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