Friday, February 24, 2012

red and blue, I love you


I wore this on Valentine's day, hence the heart in the picture. I took pictures in the morning, with every intention of posting later that day, but it just didn't happen. Probably since Valentine's Day was a Tuesday and I work 15 hours on Tuesdays... but that may only have a little to do with it!

I have been wearing a lot of red/coral/orange and blue recently. I mean, it has been pretty cold, until this week, and I am in love with this warm, blanket-like scarf. In fact, I wore it yesterday in another red/blue combination. I am even rocking a different red/blue combo today! I guess I am subconsciously sticking to a theme.

Enough about my clothes, I am super excited about this weekend and want to at least mention that excitement! Becca is going to be in town and we (Becca, Meg, Jenny, Manda, and I) are all going for a real-estate walk in South Reston tomorrow morning. Not to mention my awesome dinner plans tonight at the Tortilla Factory with Josh and Jenny! I am so sad that our beloved TF is closing! Where am I going to get my favorite chips and salsa!? I mean, sure, they're giving out the salsa recipe, but it won't be the same with out the chips... I also have plans to go there for lunch on Sunday. Too much? Never!! It's the best tex-mex in NoVa, maybe even the world!


When and Where:
  • Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
  • to work
What I'm Wearing:
  • top, sweater, scarf, jeans - Gap
  • boots - Nine West via DSW

How I've worn this sweater:

DSC_0210DSC_0012short shorts_0086DSC_0065

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