Thursday, April 12, 2012

jack of all trades


I have a lot of hidden talents. One of which is doing hair. I have no formal training, other than working as a receptionist at a salon when I was 19 and pitching in where I could. Then my bestie, Erin, let me play with her hair colour for years, and it evolved to a point where I was doing about 8 peoples hair a month. I enjoyed it, but it took a lot of time and I always felt guilty when I couldn't make time when my friend wanted their hair done!

Anyway, there isn't anything wrong with doing your own hair - just make sure you follow these simple rules:

  • get professional haircuts - pros pay hundreds for their scissors and really take care of them. A haircut with dull scissors = split ends/frizzies
  • when colouring, stay within two shades - I would also say use demi-perminent or semi-permanent colour. It's gentler on the hair.
  • when highlighting, less is more. You can always go back and add more highlights later, so highlight thin strands and fewer than you think you need.
I would also mention that the less you wash your hair, the better. I get my hair wet and condition it if I think it needs to be refreshed before its time to wash it again, and I swear that is why I can go eleven months between haircuts. (also because I get AWESOME haircuts that grow out really well!)


When and Where:
  • Thursday, April 5th, 2012
  • to work
What I'm Wearing:
  • sweater, jeans - gap
  • scarf - old navy
  • tee - target
  • boots - nine west


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