Thursday, August 16, 2012

my real life

Me an Rowan at Starbucks this morning!

This summer I have been having more fun teaching swimming that I have in years! I think it's because my kiddos that I am teaching are finally past the "swim over to me and we'll kick to the rope" phase. They're actually swimming! Best of all, I am getting to teach butterfly!

What that means to my blog is that my hair is always wet and in a bun and that I have goggle marks around my eyes.

So instead of posting an outfit picture from last month, I am sharing that my blog is going to be different. I'm not sure how different yet, but if I am going to continue with it, it can't all be pictures of me. Since I don't really have time to put myself together every day.

Okay, here's an outfit picture from July 24th.


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