Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween: Robin Sparkles


I had great plans to have a bunch of people over for Halloween and hand out candy to TONS of trick-or-treaters and just have an all around good time. Well... it ended up just being the roommates, Reid, and Amanda (she came as Walda. Adam came late, but gets bonus points for dressing up ad Waldo!) who came in time for the kids. To make matters worse, we only got a handful of kids at the door! I even put balloons out front to make sure that they knew to knock on my door! I know balloons aren't scary, but like James Van Der Beek on Don't Trust the B**** in Apt 23, I like to take the scary out of Halloween.

While watching How I Met Your Mother over the storm weekend with Nick, I joked about dressing up as Robin Sparkles. Then I looked through all of my costumes, tried on a couple (Princess Leia, Sleeping Beauty, Cheerleader, Ice Skater)I threw together this one with things I found in my room!

Is that embarrassing, that I have so many costumes already AND that I am able to come up with complete costumes out of things I already have... Personally, I think I am okay with it!

"Let's go to the Mall!"
"and don't forget the robot!"

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