Wednesday, April 24, 2013

coconut oil


I have a small obsession with coconut at the moment. Not only is it super paleo, gluten free, and yummy, but I am obsessed with using it as a lotion on my hands and as a hair treatment. I have always loved oily products for my dry ends, but I think coconut oil is my new fave treatment.

I basically did this: 1)put my hair in a Pebbles Flintstone/Michelle Tanner pony tail, 2)warmed the coconut oil in my hands 3) saturated it in the pony tail (repeating step 2 until it was done) 4)slept in a bun, 5)washed - using hot water to melt the oil - and styled! I did use my flat iron afterwards, to really smooth it, but my hair felt AMAZING!!

I have since been repeating this once a week. My hair has been so tangle free that I haven't really needed to condition it like I used to! Coconut oil, FTW!

Other than coconut oiling my hair, I have been super busy with work this spring! I have been doing a photo shoot a week, which was in my spring plan, so I am super excited. Plus, lugging my camera to fun events too! :)


When and Where:
  • Thursday, April 11th, 2013
  • to work, and Thursday lunch date day!
What I'm Wearing:


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