Thursday, April 11, 2013

fit style: running with Rene and Robbie

run with rene 2
I mentioned earlier that I have recently reconnected with my friend Rene! She and I went to high school together and knew of each other, but never really hung out. Then she was my nephew's preschool teacher for a little while, but now we have reconnected again and started running together. It's super excited to build a new friendship with someone that you have a similar background with, but a different perspective!

She also has the cutest son ever! Robbie gave me the best smile and hug only the second time we met. Now we're like peas in a pod (I am such a kid person!)! He has come both to the track with Rene and me, and on walks around Reston. He behaves so well when Rene and I are running. It's amazing! I can only hope that when I have kids, my four year old is as well behaved (and fun) as Robbie is!

Now, I almost didn't publish these pictures, but I felt that I had to. They really show the weight that I have gained around my belly... I know, I know... but it bothers me! I am working with my diet and exercise to get rid of it and get back to my healthy, strong bikini body of 2011! Thank goodness I have training partners like Rene, my mom, Jenny, Amanda, and Meg!

run with rene 1

When and Where:
  • Tuesday, March 26th, 2012
  • to the track with Rene and Robbie
What I'm Wearing:
run with rene 5

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