Thursday, April 25, 2013

lemon-strawberry-mint, sparkling water

strawberry lemon mint water

I saw a beautiful picture on facebook of mason jars with delicious combos of fruit and herbs in water. I am now determined to make a ton of different paleo lemonades/infusions this summer!

I loved the hoegaarden shandy that Reid and I made last summer, but without the hoegaarden, I think I am going to have to work hard to make some amazing shandys with the GF beers that are out there. I'm thinking cider/beer shandys with lots of lemon and mint, maybe cilantro!?

Anyway, when I'm in the mood for something refreshing a can of soda water, 1/3 of a lemon, 2 strawberries, and some mint does the trick! :)

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