Thursday, August 1, 2013

a week at the beach


Reid and I spent the last full week of July at the beach with his family and his brother's wife's family. It was a really amazing week! We went to Sandbridge in Virginia Beach, about 4 hours from Reston. The two family houses were about a quarter of a mile away from one another, so there was a lot of back and forth for dinners, breakfasts, beach games, and walks.

Reid and I kept a little list of all the things that we wanted to do while we were there, and I think we succeeded on almost ever item. Tops for me were to get at least one great group picture, stand up paddle board, and build a sand castle. I think Reid's tops were to bike, hang out with his brothers, and play a board game. Though not everything went exactly as we had planned out, I think all in all, the week was a complete success!

Some of our little hiccups:
- the valve on my road bike tube breaking, so we had to ride the beach cruisers for our bike ride instead of taking our own bikes that we had schlepped all the way down from NoVA. Luckly, when Reid went fishing the next morning, I was able to find a bike shop to change my tube and teach me how to change it in the future!
- Katie losing her heart sunglasses to the "mermaid" in the ocean
- Losing my underwater digital camera to the same "mermaid" in the ocean! That darn mermaid is taking underwater selfies while wearing Katie's sunglasses as we speak!
- bug bites!!!
- getting kicked out of the house and forced to go to karoke at the local bar when we tried to play board games on Thursday night.

But like I said, even with the hiccups, it was a really amazing vacation!

this little crab posed for a few pictures!

sam with cornDSC_8885
Sam and Gracie shared an ear of corn, in that order :)

kayak dolphin
Reid and I kayaked with Dolphins!

everyone ROCKED the stand up paddle board

Katie had a million photo shoots!(in the lost heart sunglasses and the replacement ones)

we built a sand castle!

and finally....
I got my group shot!

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