Saturday, January 25, 2014

Look Back: December 2011

I seriously can't believe my bikini body from December 2011! Not that it's that different now, I just carry about 8 more pounds and my stomach isn't as... amazing. Is it conceited to think that I looked amazing back then? I hope not. I remember feeling pretty amazing about how I looked too! I think that's the hardest part - feeling like you look good!

I think that is one of the reasons I have taking my training to the next level this year. I used to be a lot more serious about my runs and what I was eating... but it was also before I was diagnosed with celiac... so it could be multiple things. One thing is for sure, I used to do a LOT more ab work. That's why I signed up for the #CoreCommit challenge that my friend Ericka, over at The Sweet Life, is hosting!

I also had a big scare a week ago when I was swimming. My back and glutes started KILLING me! I have never, ever, ever had lower back pain before, and the glute pain was causing shooting stuff down my legs. After reading about Ericka's back injury, that little scare (that has now totally resolved itself) made me realize that core strength is nothing to fool around with!


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