Thursday, January 2, 2014

running to end and begin, again

Chelsea, me, and Caelin

Just like last year, I ended 2013 with the Fairfax 4 Miler and began 2014 with the New Year's Day 5k. Running on New Year's Eve has been a tradition for me since 2010, and one I hope to keep up for many years to come. It's a nice way to cap off a running year; good, bad, or somewhere in between.

Chelsea, my 13 year old swimmer, and I ran the Fairfax 4 Miler together again this year, coming in at 33:57, 18 seconds faster than last year, but with a lot more walking (because of me - Chelsea could have run the whole thing probably under 30! She's kind of a beast!). Caelin ran with her dad this year and crushed her time from last year (54 something), coming in just over 46 minutes! I have a feeling that next year she'll be under 40 minutes, because she too, is a beast! :)

the sisters at the finish line
finisher selfie

I set 3 running goals for 2013 and came really close to hitting all of them! They were:
  • Goal 1: run 1 race a month
  • Goal 2: run 100 miles in one month
  • Goal 3: run 20 miles/month minimum

Goal 1: I ended up running 15 races (including 1 triathlon) in 2013, but missing my "one per month" goal because I didn't get a race in during November. I was planning on running the Richmond 1/2 marathon, but felt like I needed to take a weekend off, especially when I saw that there was rain in the forecast that day. With the Marine Corps Marathon on 10/27 and the Run with Santa 5k on 12/8 (pictures below), I took a pass for November and feel okay about it.

Goal 2: I actually came the closest to this in January 2013 with 92.1 miles. I should have tried again over the summer, but again, I considered it "close enough" and am pretty happy with my total mileage for the year of 540 miles this year.

Goal 3: All but July! I can't believe it! In years past, July has been one of my heavier mileage months and this year I only go to 19.8! So close, yet so far, 0.2 miles, away!

I am actually really proud of myself when it comes to my accomplishments on my goals this year. They were measurable, achievable (though I really just
missed the mark on all of them), and took a bit of effort and tracking to reach. But I did realize that I need to step it up a bit in 2014. :) You'll probably notice that none of my goals were time or event related. When I started 2013, I really didn't know where I was going to go as far as PRs or events. I just knew that I wanted to build some consistency, so that was the focus when I set those goals. That focus did lead to completing my first triathlon and my fastest marathon. But 2014 will have some event/time specific goals to up the ante a little!

my 2013 running graph

So starting 2014 off, I knew that I needed to push a little during the 5k on New Years Day, even though I felt sore from the run the night before. I started off just a little bit back from the front with Amanda, knowing from the previous year, how crowded the course would get on the path down to the W&OD, I left her pretty early on. Without my interval watch, which vanished sometime in December, I went on perceived exertion - which for me is never good, because I don't tend to push hard enough - and song length for running intervals.

My soreness went away about a mile into the race, but I felt really tired, so I just tried to hold on and pass the same 4 girls on every run. On the last 400 of the race I was right with a brother and a sister that were running together and I was determined to pass them, until they kicked early right about 300m from the finish. I was about to let them go when they started to slow down, so I kicked and kicked HARD! I ended up stopping my nike GPS at 25:01. I was so happy to had run my fastest non-treadmill 5k since July 0f 2011! But when the official results came out, I was THRILLED! I actually came in at 24:59! I know it's only 2 seconds, but being sub 25 was a huge hurdle for me when I started running, so to get there without a lot of training on a symbolic 5k felt amazing!

my momma running by
NYD 5k
me and Amanda

When and Where:
  • December 31, 2013 - Fairfax City, the Fairfax Four Miler
  • January 1, 2014 - Reston Town Center, the New Year's Day 5k
What I'm Wearing:
  • crops, black jacket - Lululemon
  • pink top, white/orange jacket - Nike
  • shoes - Saucony Kinvara

me, Amanda, and my mom

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