Friday, April 25, 2014

another boot post

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I might be the worst patient ever. When I went to the doctor about my foot/ankle and the nerve pain shooting up my leg, I pretty much said "I will run in two weeks, can you tell me that it's just soft tissue and nerve, give me a boot, maybe a steroid injection, and send me on my way?"

Turns out, my webMD degree hasn't been updated and steroid injections are a no-go for the feet and ankles (at least as a first course of treatment) because they increase the likely hood of tendon rupture. I was spot on with knowing it was a nerve thing (which shocked him because he said he usually doesn't see it) because I had Tinel's sign, he agreed to the boot, and kind of rolled his eyes with me wanting to run this weekend.

Last Thursday was actually the last day I wore the boot. Here's why - my whole goal was to get my feet (they actually both hurt from abductor hallucis strains from the hilly Raleigh half, but with the nerve pain keeping me up at night in the right foot) to where I could run, for completion, the 2014 Nike Women's Half Marathon in DC on 4/27/14. The boot did a wonderful job, along with some lacrosse ball massage, calming down the nerve in my foot/ankle/leg, but after 4 days, it was causing some extra arch pain in my left foot. So I made the judgement call to switch to sneakers and try to take it easy for another week before the half, throwing in the 3.2 for 32 at a very, very easy pace.

I also ended up swimming three times this last week, taking it easy on my legs, but working on my cardio endurance. I think the rest from running and the supportive shoes, were a good choice. I'm sure my doctor would prefer that I rest for another week or two, and I might need to take another 2 weeks off after this half, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do, even if you suffer the consequences! (Don't worry, I'll suffer the "I told you so" if I end up in bad shape again!)

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When and Where:
  • Thursday, April 17th, 2014
  • to work
What I'm Wearing:
  • top, jeans - Gap
  • sunnies - RayBan Emma
  • boot - Ugg (they come with two)

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