Monday, April 7, 2014

Saturday training run and walk with the girls

Penny drives a car

Can I just tell you how bad I feel...? I brought Penny with me to a Team in Training group run without even thinking about asking if it was okay and it turns out that dogs aren't allowed. I have to say that Steph, the LLS staff that supports our team, handled the situation beautifully (and didn't make me feel any worse than I already did) and just quietly told me that Penny couldn't be "part of the group." So I put Penny in the car, told Steph that Joanna and I would wait for the whole group to leave and then run in the opposite direction. She was cool with that and it ended up working out well! (though I still feel a bit like a moron for not checking in the first place)

So Joanna (here's her blog!) and I went off (with Penny) for a little 3.5 mile run before meeting some more girls for a long walk. Since I was racing the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler the next morning AND we did 15 miles last weekend, this was a good down distance for both of us.

Post Run Selfie
me and Joanna at the end of our 3.5 mile run

Then we met up with Lauren, Meg, Jenny, and Amanda for a walk up to Starbucks and around the lake. It was supposed to be only 2.25 miles, but because we had to make a couple of trips back to my house - one to drop Amanda off at her car and one to get the wagon for Bun - we ended up tacking on an additional 2 miles! (you have to add 0.6 miles to the walk because I forgot to start it at my house)

sunday morning runsunday morning walk

Why did Bun need the wagon you ask? She laid down on the pathway about 1.5 miles into our walk and didn't want to keep going. So I offered up my wagon, half joking, and Meg thought it was a good idea! So we went back and got it. After we left the house again, it occurred to us that we could have put Bun in Penny's crate, but the wagon makes a much better story. And of course, when you have one dog in a wagon, you have to have another dog pull the wagon!!!

Bun in the WagonPenny pulls Bun in a Wagon
Lucky for me, after all of that running and walking, Penny was a pooped pup!!
Pooped Puppy

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