Saturday, May 3, 2014

Look Back: May 2012

The posts in May of 2012 are mostly dresses/skirts and bright colors! Looking back at these posts makes me so happy because my very good friend Becca's daughter was born in May of 2012!! It was so much fun piling the girls in my car for a day trip to visit Becca just a month before Elise was born.

It's absolutely amazing when your friends begin to become parents. First, I am just amazed by the whole pregnancy thing. In 9 months a woman grows a person in their body. And then you have the way that guys turn to mush over their children. I mean, it's not uncommon to see a girl or a woman go goo-goo over a baby or small child, even one that they just met. But it's rare to see men and infants, and when you do, it's usually their own. It's a softer side of masculinity and it's one of the most amazing things to witness.

So yeah, May of 2012. I turned 30, life was pretty good, and my friend had a baby. :)


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