Monday, June 30, 2014

Look Back: June 2012

June of 2012 was dominated mostly by our second Memorial Day Weekend Staycation, or The Staycation Strikes Back if you will. You can see all of my Staycation posts linked here. If you're interested in seeing all of the photos from that amazing Staycation, they're available here:Staycation photos on Facebook. But other than enjoying the beginning of the summer with my friends, I didn't take much time to blog. Not unlike June of 2014! But I also spent most of June of 2012 in a boot... and the first time around, I didn't want to take outfit pictures in a boot at all!

With summer finally feeling like summer, Reid and I have a lot of plans to spend time together while we enjoy all the fun, free things that Reston has to offer. Hopefully, I can get my act together and blog about those fun, free things as well!

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