Thursday, July 24, 2014

around the grounds


Reid and I spent 3 out of 5 weekends in Charlottesville during the beginning of the summer. The first was for Cobey and Carolyn's wedding, the second for Reid's 10 year college reunion, and the third was for Calla and Justin's wedding. Since I wasn't organized enough to plan specific posts and write about them while I was down on each trip, I figured I'd post a hodge podge of some of my favorite photos from hanging around on the grounds.

The first is from the day after Cobey and Carolyn's wedding, where Jenny and Josh joined us on a walk before we caravanned back to Reston - stopping at the moo through on the way home!

The set of images below are from Reunions Weekend! I got to hang out a lot with my diver-turned-running buddy, Leeanne, even though neither one of us went to UVA. We enjoyed a lot of the organized activities on the grounds and set up our slackline on the lawn. It only made sense, since that is where Reid and I first tried slacklining!


The next group of photos are from our last trip of the season, for Justin and Calla's wedding. We took a nice, long walk on the lawn on Sunday before having to get ready for the wedding. Since Kuma streaked the lawn (and pooped on it), Cobey thought it would be fitting to have him kiss Homer's butt, since that is the tradition.


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