Tuesday, July 29, 2014

double long run weekend

Double run weekend!Double run weekend!

With Lauren on vacation and it being my 8th week of p90x3 (rest week, and I will be posting about my experience with it once I make it through 90 days!), I took the opportunity to sleep in and slack on almost all of my workouts. I tried to get up and run with Penny on Thursday, but the humidity was too much for me, so we opted for an easy walk instead.

I suggested that we try to run on Sunday so that Lauren could join us, but since Joanna and Amanda each had Saturday night plans, they wanted to stick with our usual Saturday morning run. So I decided to do two long runs this weekend. Do I sound a little like a hypocrite, since I usually preach taking days off between running, especially before and after long runs? Maybe! But I have also been running pretty consistently, mostly injury free, for 7 years and have learned to judge my pace and training intensity. The reason we take time off before and after runs (particularly long runs) is to allow the muscles to rebuild when we have pushed them and to prevent injury from poor bio-mechanics from tired muscles. Since I knew we'd be going well below my threshold on Saturday, I knew running both days wouldn't be a problem for me!

On Saturday, Joanna, Amanda, and I headed out toward Herndon and made it just about to the town limits before turning around. And on Sunday, Lauren and I ran through Vienna and back.

Double run weekend!Untitled

So even with skipping both of my mid week runs, I was able to hit my weekly mileage goal of over 20 miles. I wouldn't say that I always want to run like this, but I'm glad to know that my body can handle two runs in a row when mid-weekers just aren't feasible!

And here Lauren and I are entering Vienna and leaving Vienna!
Double run weekend!
Double run weekend!

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