Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I've been running

Running photosRunning photos
me, Amanda, Joanna, and Lauren

In my training recap from last summer/fall, I talked a lot about just resting on my base fitness to get through my fall races and how I wish I had done more work, more training. So this year I focused, sat down, and wrote a really extensive training plan that encompassed triathlon training, marathon training, and P90X3 (with Reid). It was almost overwhelming to look at, but it's really helped me prioritize my fitness and training! I haven't been perfect, by any means, but I have been hitting at least one workout a day, while listening to my body and staying (knock on wood) free from injury.

I have been sticking with my "quality over quantity" running approach, since that seems to do really well for me, and have been focusing on 3 (to 4 every 4 weeks) runs a week. Lauren and I have been running together on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5am, and then meeting the girls for long runs on the weekends. We've been loosely following a plan that has time goals for weekday runs (30 min or 45 min, instead of mileage goals) and a mileage goal for weekend runs. The long runs go up in mileage for two weeks in a row and on the third weekend you run two runs, one short and quick and one long, but a step down in mileage from the long run the week before. The two runs on "step down" weeks, are supposed to help simulate running on tired legs, like at the end of the marathon.

Running photosRunning photos
Running photosRunning photos

Can I just say that running with a buddy is so much easier for me than trying to do it alone. I started running with Erin way back in 2008, then Jenny joined us, and Amanda. Then Erin moved away, Josh joined us for runs, Jenny and I did a marathon, Amanda and I did a marathon, then I trained mostly on my own for a year (with Laura and Saskia being my saving graces for my marathon last year). I have to say that having a group to train with again is such a blessing. Because even when we can't all get together for runs, we feel like we have to stay accountable to the group, so we don't miss workouts!

Running in the mornings with Lauren has also been a nice change from years past, where I was rushing from my after work swim lessons to meet my friends for an evening run. Come fall, morning runs will become harder, as Lauren and I both coach morning swim practices, but for now, I will enjoy getting my run in at the beginning of my day!

Running photosRunning photos

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