Tuesday, August 19, 2014

a week at the beach v2.0


Spending (almost) a week at the beach was amazing! It was so nice of Reid's mom to plan this trip so that all of us could spend a little time at the beach together. I know I posted a list of all the things that I had planned, and while I didn't get to all of them, I love what we did!

First things first, we went out paddle boarding when we arrived on Friday. Eric captured a couple of pictures of Reid and I SUPing from shore (you can see all of our photos on here on Facebook), since we hadn't put the float on it yet. After losing a camera - and Katie's heart sunglasses - to the "mermaid" last summer, we weren't risking waterproof camera 2.0 (I had the Canon D10 that we lost last year, so Reid replaced it for me for Christmas with the canon D20and now they have a D30 out!) However, that didn't mean we didn't sacrifice something else to the mermaid. I lost my black RayBan Emma, cat eye sunglasses. Super sadface, but I still have the tortoise ones! It was worth the fun!

I went for a long run on my own on Saturday morning that was actually quite wonderful! Then we played on the beach, Reid and I did some paddle board yoga (sans camera again), played some board games during the hottest part of the day, and I started reading Toxin Toxout(which is so amazing, BTW, I think I'm gonna do a book report on it!).


The rest of the week sort of blurs together because it was so relaxing. But here's the run down of everything we did:
  • Reid got me up early so that we could watch the sunrise over the ocean with mimosas on Sunday morning (gotta love his romantic streak!!)
  • we played a million games of Settlers of Catan
  • we took a ton of amazing walks on the beach at various times of day
  • I stayed totally sunburn free with my Beautycounter Protect Sunscreen!
  • Reid and I went outlet shopping on a rainy day
  • Reid, Ryan, and I went boogie boarding when the surf was starting to get kind of rough
  • Then we went out again when the waves were incredible!!! There were actually people able to surf!
  • we drank amazing blended cocktails (strawberry lemonade, spiked sweet tea, and a berry concoction!)
  • we celebrated Ryan's 30th Birthday!


All in all it was another amazing beach vacation! And most importantly, I am finally posting the towel that Amanda got me as a bridesmaids gift on my blog!


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