Monday, August 4, 2014

bestie's visit


Erin was here in the states with the kids for nearly the whole month of July. Though I wish I had taken off some time to spend with her, we made the most of the few times that we were able to get together. I invited myself over to her parents house on one of her first days in Virginia, after what looked like an amazing trip to Florida to see Jeff's family. It was easy to win Claire over, as she fell asleep on my shoulder about 10 minutes after meeting me. But it's been a 3 year mission to win James over! It finally happened the second time we got together on this trip with a game of "cars." I kept asking him if the blue car was yellow, or if the dump truck was a race car, so he either thought I was super silly or not very bright. Either way, he went along with it enough to trust me to play a game of "fixed chair, broken chair."

It's where the adult lays on the ground on their back with their knees bent, like a sit-up position. Then the kids sits facing the adult with their back on the adults knees. The adult then sings "sitting in a fixed chair, fixed chair, broken chair" as they do a sit up and straighten their knees. Giggles ensue and a fun, ab-strengthening good time is had by all! At that point, James was an Auntie Lizzy convert!

We got together only a few more times, where James got to pull his sister in my wagon, walk my puppy, and play at "my park" at chick-fil-a. I have a feeling that his three year old mind may decide that Auntie Lizzy has the best stuff for a fun time! :) One of the other great things that this trip helped Erin and I decide on doing is a more regular phone-call date. It's so nice that we can call each other over wifi for free. And with Facetime, it's practically like something from Star Trek! I loved having Erin visit and can't wait to see talk to her and/or see her again on our next call. I hope to find some time (and money) to be able to visit her overseas, but also won't complain if she lands back in the Reston area sooner rather than later!

James washing Nona's car with Popop!

little smooshy face Claire Bear looked bigger every week!

Jenny (and her baby bump!!), Erin, and I, before heading to dinner with Reid and Josh at Red Robin!

James and Penny were the best of buddies this year!

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