Tuesday, August 26, 2014

two of my faves, coming together!

catalog 2

When I put on this outfit, Reid said "you look like you just stepped out of a J.Crew catalog!" It was an adorable compliment, though I really don't have any shortage of compliments coming from him! I love J.Crew and shop the sale rack whenever I can, since my budget prevents me from being able to afford full price items. But here's the deal, even at full price, their clothes are WORTH IT. They are made well, the fit is always nice, and they last! That's why I think it's super cool that select Beautycounter products are available on J.Crew's website! Of course, you can get your Beautycounter from me, but how awesome is it that they are helping our brand reach more people?

Beautycounter is just over 3,000 consultants strong (as of the beginning of August), so we're a very new company when it comes to the direct-sales, skincare industry. But again, the thing that sets us apart, and really into our own category, is that we are safe skincare that performs. You really can't beat it! I mean, who else out there has an anti-aging line that is safe enough to use on pregnant women and children!?! (not that kids need anti-aging, but if it's safe for them, it's safe for everyone)

Can you tell that I love Beautycounter? Just a little ;), right! It's that the more that I learn about the skincare industry, common skincare ingredients, and toxin free living, the more I respect Beautycounter! The Never List is the upfront promise that our products are safe, but we're also 100% transparent when it comes to our ingredients and the sources of them. That last part is important because some ingredients could be bad if they come from a contaminated source. It's nice to be part of something with a larger mission that just skincare! :)

catalog 8
catalog 12

When and Where:
  • Thursday, August 7th, 2014
  • to work
What I'm Wearing:
  • Sunnies - RayBan (and sacrificed to the ocean the following week... sadface!)
  • top, belt - Gap
  • shorts - J.Crew
  • flops - Old Navy

catalog 5

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