Thursday, November 13, 2014

Colbert Taping

Colbert Show taping

On Columbus Day, I took the day off from work and Reid and I hopped in the car and headed to New York City to see the Colbert Report tape. It was such a cool thing to actually do, because he and I have been talking about going for over 2 years now. Reid was the one who finally got us tickets, after stalking the twitter account that announces when tickets are available. So we hopped in the car on that Monday after rush hour died down and headed to New York City!

Looking back, I was kind of a pill about spending so much time in the car, especially since I had worked all weekend at a swim meet, taking only Sunday morning off to run the Army Ten Miler. But looking back, almost a month later, I am so very glad that we took the time to go and do this!

Colbert Show taping
Colbert Show taping
Colbert Show taping

Reid and walked around the city for about an hour before joining the line. I was a little worried that we were late once we actually lined up, but there were a lot of people after us in line so it was okay. We waited for what seemed like forever, and then were given our tickets, 70 and 71. Once we were brought into the room outside the studio, they said that everyone with red passes (ours were blue) would be called first, and then they called our numbers! We got to sit in the very front row! It was incredible!!

After the show we walked around the city for a bit before driving home. Reid did all the driving, while I snoozed, only waking up to start another podcast for him to listen to.

All in all it was a really fabulous adventure! It's a reminder that the only thing standing between us and adventure is ourselves! :)

Colbert Show taping

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