Wednesday, January 21, 2015

how to eat gluten free at Subway


First let me say that it has taken me 3 travel swim meet trips (with at least 8 stops at Subway) to even attempt to eat something there. I had been told by several gluten free gals that they had been able to get salads there with NO issue and that they were very accommodating, but I was skeptical! I was also hungry, so on our travel trip this MLK day weekend, I bit the bullet and coaxed the sandwich artists through a gluten free chopped salad.

First, I asked for the manager to make my salad. I just felt like someone in management would better understand not only my requests, but the "customer is always right" mentality, I was looking for. Then I asked that he put on clean gloves and get a fresh bowl and chopper. I explained that I have celiac disease, which is like an extreme allergy to gluten and wheat. (I use this wording because it makes people aware of celiac, but expresses the seriousness with the word "allergy", since even if you don't know what celiac means, EVERYONE knows what an allergy is.)

Then I asked that he take the turkey from the middle of the pile, and all the veggies from fresh trays. Overkill? Maybe. But I had a safe salad!!

Now with regard to the Whole 30, I brought my own Tessemae's Lemon Garlic mixed with Balsamic dressing, but they do have olive oil and vinegar on their bar and yellow mustard, so that would do in a pinch. I did learn that their packets of "olive oil" are actually 10% olive oil with canola.... so maybe bring your own dressing. :) I also had and avocado with me, so I chopped that up and added it to my salad.

So that is how a celiac can do Subway! :)

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