Wednesday, January 7, 2015

it's a tradition now - Fairfax Four Miler/New Year's Day 5k

Three years in a row makes something a tradition. This year marked my fifth running of the Fairfax Four Miler. But starting three years ago I began running with one of my HAC swimmers, Chelsea, and following up the Fairfax Four with the New Year's Day 5k. Here are the posts from 2012/2013 and from 2013/2014.

First things first, Chelsea coached me along to a 32:40, 1:17 faster than last year and my third fastest 4 miler ever! She ran cross country as a freshman in high school this year, so there was no taking it out around 9 minute miles this year. We actually took it out around a 7:40! Unfortunately, I wasn't really trained for the aggressive pace and my ankle started to give me hell around mile 1. It burned for the whole race and again the next day, but it's seemed to calm down since.

The New Year's Day 5k was a little slower than I'd hoped I'd be, but with the aggressive 4 miler the night before and ankle issue, I'm not complaining! I came in a 26:02, so a pretty good start to a new running year!

2014 run

So let's talk about 2014's running/training goals, and how they worked out for me. Here are the goals that I set for 2014:
  • Goal 1: 1 race per month
  • Goal 2: 10 swims per month
  • Goal 3: 25+ miles per month
  • Goal 4: 1 run per week

Goal 1: I did it! I did it!! I hit this goal!! I was probably the happiest person on the planet when Potomac River Running added the Turkey Day 5k at South Lakes High School on Thanksgiving day! You might not remember from last year, but November was the month that kept me from my year long racing streak.

I ended up competing in 18 events (16 road races and 2 triathlons) in 2014 and I am DAMN PROUD! Not only that, I PRed the 10 miler, 1/2 marathon, and marathon this year!

Goal 2: Yeah, it didn't happen... I need to figure out some sort of reward system for my swimming goals...

Goal 3: SOOOO close!!! I hit every month BUT May! I consider this one a success!

Goal 4: This one is also a close one! I only missed 4 weeks out of the WHOLE YEAR!! One in February, one in May, the week before my Marathon, and the week 2 weeks after the Marathon. Not too shabby with consistency being my overall theme for this year.

In re-reading my post about my goals from last year, I realized that I didn't set (or share) any time specific goals for 2014, though maybe I should have. I just continued with consistency as my theme and charged through, PRs being the result of consistent effort. So here are my 2015 goals - the new theme is Intensity:
  • Goal 1: 1 race per month
  • Goal 2: 30+ miles per month
  • Goal 3: 2 speed sessions per month
  • Goal 4: PR the 10k (my current PR is 50:52 from 2009)

You can read about my 2014 Races here.

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  1. Great job on your 2014 goals!!! You're going to rock 2015. So proud of you =)

  2. Nice job on the goals. I think you met more than you met last year (but I'm just going by memory here) I think last year your goal was 20 mi then in 2014 it was 25 and now you are going to 30... i'm all for increasing. My goal for 2015 is 38 miles per month (my 2014 - and my goals for 2015 I would love to do 1 race/mo and I used to but I can't get Dave to watch Ella like ever so I never get to do any.

    1. Thanks! I think I did a lot better in 2014 with consistency, which certainly showed in my race times! I'm sorry you don't get to do many races now that you have Ella, but she's worth it :). Maybe you guys could turn it into a family thing and find stroller friendly races or races with kid activities at the end? A lot of our races (done by a running store called Potomac River Running) are kid/family friendly.
      38 miles a month is a great goal! :)


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