Thursday, February 19, 2015

For the Love of it 10k

For the love of it

On Valentine's Day I ran the first "For the Love of it 10K" with Crescent and Kristin. It was a GREAT race!! They ran it on the same course as the South Lakes 10k - on the road and not too hilly.

Reid was such a good sport to let me go run while he slept in, preparing for a busy night at the Melting Pot! I met Crescent and Kristin in the starting corral and tried to wait for them to finish, but I had to meet Joanna and Amanda for more of a run afterwards!


Here are our AWESOME free photos from the Potomac River Running Flickr page! I feel like every time I write a post about a PRR race, I'm talking about how awesome the organization of the race is. But they have really just nailed it! I have never run a bad PRR race!! :)

322For the love of it
For the love of it

After the race I made my total mileage around 10 for the day with Amanda and Joanna, then cuddled up on the couch with Penny and Justina's pup, Otto. I would have rather spent Valentine's day with Reid, but I knew that he had to work and spending the day with the pups was second best! Plus, Reid got me these beautiful flowers, card, and awesome sweet wine!!

For the love of itFor the love of it

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