Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Whole 30 - the last 9 days

Cauliflower fried riceUntitled

I did it! Seriously, I wasn't completely sure that I had the strength to finish the entire 30 days, but I did! It's amazing how strong I feel now. I feel like I am in complete control of my health, eating, food choices, and nutrition, but in this awesome, healthy way! I'm no longer thinking about calorie or macro nutrient content (I actually stopped counting calories about 4 years ago and it was the BEST thing I could ever do!), but instead I ask the following:

  • Is that food, Whole 30 compliant?
  • No - why not? (and I have mentally rated the least to worst offenders - small amount of added sugar, legumes,  highly processed, dairy, gluten free grains, lots of sugar)
  • Is the exception worth it? If yes, why? 
  • Is there something else I can eat instead?
  • Am I actually hungry?

Most importantly, Whole 30 has taught me to prepare food for myself and to never let myself get caught without something good for me to eat. Only I wish that philosophy had stuck with me a little longer!

Now that I am 7 days removed from the whole 30, I have had a bit of a backslide into previous eating habits (which aren't THAT bad...), the worst being not preparing food ahead of time or bringing food with me! So I need to find the balance between Whole 30 and real life... maybe a "Whole 5" during the week and free time on weekends! The take away here is 1) I CAN DO IT! 2) I still need to learn balance 3) I think I have a problem with soy :)

Chili with bacon and Sausage, potatoes, and mayo
Cauliflower fried rice and orange chicken, and more Chili
I've rediscovered Kombucha and more sausage and potatoes with avocado!
More meatballs and getting lazy with an avocado and beet salad with bacon!

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