Thursday, January 21, 2016

Whole30 - Round 2 - Days 8-14 (the slip)

Do you know how awful it is to rope a bunch of people into doing their first Whole30 with you, only to get to the END of day 14 and CHOOSE to slip! Yes, I CHOSE to slip up. I can't even tell you how bad I felt about it, and I'm not trying to make excuses, but I want to just write how it happened. But let's talk about the first part of week two first, since it was unremarkable and somewhat easy!

So week 2, according to the Whole30 Timeline is the "why are my pants tighter!?"/boundless energy stage. I definitely had some stomach discomfort this time around, but no bloating/pants tighter moments. In fact, I already notice how trim my waist is looking! I also didn't get too much extra energy, but that could be because I'm only getting about 6 hours and 20 minutes of sleep a night these days! I have been working really hard to keep up with running 3-4 times a week and swimming twice a week. The plan is to phase in 2-3 strength sessions a week as well, but after two the first week in January, zero happened last week.

My schedule has been jam packed with training, coaching, working, more coaching, teaching, and Beautycounter most nights, so Whole 30 was sort of at the back of my mind this week. I guess that's a good thing, since I was sort of an autopilot. I forgot to photograph and even document on here all the food I ate, so that's why my chart has some blank spaces. I was totally compliant until Sunday night.

The week kind of flew by. On Friday night I had about an hour to kill before I had to get to the pool for our high school meet, so I went to Target to pick up "packaged paleo" for my trip to UMBC for the weekend. I got dried and dehydrated fruits, apple sauce, sparkling water, and larabars for in a pinch. Then after the meet, I hit up another grocery store and picked up the ingredients to make One Lovely Life's chicken zucchini poppers. I made them as soon as I got home, thinking they would be good to bring with me for lunches over the weekend. Good? No. They were AMAZING! I'm so happy to have them in my line up! But it meant a super late night for me, and an early morning run to squeeze in 16 miles before heading to take the kids to the meet.

Day Breakfast AM Snack Lunch PM Snack Dinner

Day 8:
venti black coffee and a banana
Dragon Eye Oolong Tea
taco meat stuffed poblano pepper with guacamole and a clementine
a banana
shrimp, sweetpotato hash, and sliced avocados and tomatoes
Day 9:
grande black coffee and a clementine
3 clementines
6 Nom Nom Paleo Asian Meatballs, an avocado, an orange, and an apple with almond butter
Deer Park Sparkling Black Cherry Water
beef stuffed poblano pepper with a side of lemon garlic roasted red potatoes
Day 10:
Asian meatballs and potato wedges with smoked paprika
Day 11:
an avocado, an orange, and left over potato wedges with smoked paprika
beef stuffed poblano pepper, sauteed zucchini, paprika potato wedges, and strawberries with almond butter
Day 12:
coffee and peeled snacks post swim
Asian meatballs, sauteed zucchini, paprika potato wedges, and pomegranate seeds
sauteed zucchini, chicken zucchini poppers (from One Lovely Life), and chopped avocado.
Day 13:
during my run: coconut water, post run: coffee and 3 clemintines
grilled chicken, plain burger with yellow mustard, tomatoes and a pickle at the swim meet (coaches consessions)
salmon and broccoli at Olive Garden (gluten free, requested no butter)
Day 14:
hard boiled egg, scrambled eggs, sausage*, apple with almond butter, and coffee
chicken zucchini poppers on a salad of butter lettuce and tomato with tessamae's balsamic dressing
THE SLIP: Red Robin - bacon guac burger (with mayo and cheese - a BIG NO-NO), and french fries with ranch

For the weekend I think I both under and over packed on food. I over packed fruit, so I under ate my veggies. I also was feeling a bit cocky. Up to this point, my Whole30 had been pretty perfect (not that there is such a thing - Perfect Whole30) and I was feeling really good. Post run I just ate some fruit, but I demolished my burger and chicken breast at the meet, and felt pretty great about traveling.

Then Olive Garden happened. See, here's the thing about chain places with gluten free menus. One will be super good, or you'll have an amazing experience with a caring server at one location, and then the other makes you feel like you should turn and run. I got the "turn and run" vibe from the one that we went to on Saturday night. I looked online at their allergy menu - which I should say is fairly extensive - but if you want to avoid gluten, dairy, and soy, you can't also avoid grains. The only gluten, dairy, and soy free options were GF pasta with meat sauce. So here I was, faced with my first stressful food/celiac/Whole30 dilemma of the weekend. First things first, Whole30 is a choice, celiac is not. I had to make it clear to my server that my meal had to be gluten free. Period. I ordered the salmon with broccoli and asked for her to mark it as a gluten allergy in the computer or whatever she needed to do to make sure it would be gluten free, and I requested no butter as a preference. My head coach also ordered the salmon with no special requests. They came out looking exactly the same with nothing to differentiate between mine and his. I prayed that meant they were both gluten free, ate my food, and haven't had any outward symptoms... I think... (I should probably do a post on how I didn't notice the majority of my celiac symptoms and how many are silent... another day) I also had salad with oil and vinegar.

Okay, so I did the best I could... right? Maybe. So the next day was actually spectacular. The 12 and under girls, though prepared to eat there, were so happy when there was a grocery store across the street from the hotel, and we didn't have to do Subway for lunch! We go up and got them sandwich fixings (so these girls, all three of them only eat turkey and cheese on bread - no condiments! Can you believe it!?), fruit, some salad for me, and some milk. The girls did a wonderful job choosing healthy things and making their own lunches. On Sunday I didn't even go up to the coaches concessions and stuck with my salad with chicken poppers and tessamae's dressing. But despite all the fruit I was eating, I was feeling somewhat low on energy. I can only chalk it up to my macro nutrients being out of balance. And let's face it, I'm a starch girl! I had run another 3.1 miles that morning and was really feeling it. So I decided at 5pm, that when we went to Red Robin, I was going to eat french fries.

But then I thought about the rules... You have to start over if you mess up... I couldn't justify the fries and move on, so I figured, if I was going to mess up, I was going to mess up big!! I ordered my burger (in a lettuce bun) with cheese and mayo (the way it came - holla guacamole bacon burger!) and my fries with ranch dressing. That's 4 violations of the Whole30 - 1)comfort food - the fries, 2)soy - the fries and mayo 3)dairy - cheese and ranch 4)SWYPO - because I would have liked ketchup and sweet relish as well!


I've gone back and forth a million times between feeling horrible guilt, being okay with slipping (and choosing to slip), wanting to outright quit, back to just being bored with eating well and wanting to climb back into the comforting arms of my sugar dragon. Since my slip, I have been numbering my photos with both my "should be" day and my "start over" day - because I'm not sure if I have the energy to start completely over. I have been thinking about adding 5 days, adding a full week, and just letting it go. I really would like to keep my diet 90% Whole30 even when I finish, I just am mentally really struggling with the disappointment. It's very much like how I felt when I looked back on my running year last year and how I didn't really run for myself.

The upside to this is that I truly believe that you get to choose how you feel. I am choosing to let my slip go and move forward, even if I don't yet know how exactly that is going to look.

My advice to other Whole30-ers: Though the rules say - 100%, no excuses. This is supposed to be something that makes you feel empowered. So choose to feel that way, and if you slip, pick yourself up and move forward.

And now I'm going to take my own advice.

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