Thursday, August 24, 2017

did you know that I like tacos?


Tacos are the new basic food du jour. They're right up there with pumpkin spice everything (gross), Starbucks, leggings, North Face jackets, and outfit of the day blogs. But are tacos really a new thing, or are we just taco-bouting tacos more? Bad puns. So fun! Seriously though, if you know me at all - through social media or IRL - you know that my taco game is strong. Tacos are literally my favorite food, and I've embraced my love of tacos as part of my identity. And that is why I am writing this post and planning on sharing a couple of taco recipes and restaurants with you.

I've wanted to resurrect this blog, but I haven't really found the passion to write. I've tried a few times to craft posts, leaving them as drafts, and then again with my post about my break up, but it's not worth it to me to write fluff. Quality is much more important to me. And so here I am, posting photos of tacos and planning to share the recipes as a way to jump back into blogging.

Diablo Shrimp Tacos from Sunbasket and Fish Tacos at the Hilton Anatole
Taco Bamaba Tacos and homemade Bartaco copycat cauliflower tacos with romesco sauce

And since I'm now responsible for making my own drinks too... You may see a cocktail recipe on the blog as well. Like these tasty spicy watermelon margaritas from Bartaco.


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