Tuesday, November 21, 2017

taking care of my 'spots' - by Liz

No filter selfie after about 4 weeks of consistent skincare. My "spots" are healing, fading, and coming less frequently!
Though I am wearing the touch-up concealer pen in this photo.

Acne. It sucks. Anyone who's ever had to deal with a breakout knows that acne can be a total confidence killer. But imagine being someone that sells skin care and still suffers from acne! It's not just a confidence killer, but it makes me wonder how seriously I'm being taken when it comes to the products I wholeheartedly believe in! I know, I know, in 2014 I posted about how Beautycounter cleared my skin right up (you can read that post here), but after going off OCPs (aka "the pill") in January of this year, I've been struggling with more breakouts that I have had in my adult life. In fact, it was acne that led me to taking OCPs in the first place! So what should do you when you're struggling with your skin?

1) Take Inventory

Honestly, when I first started with Beautycounter, I was REALLY GOOD about washing my face morning and night. As the years went on, with the best skin of my life, I got out of habit. Add bad skincare habits with the removal of OCPs, well... it was a recipe for disaster for my skin!

2) Develop a Plan of Attack

For me, I knew that I had to be better about washing my face both morning and night. I wrongly assumed that going to bed with my makeup on wasn't really that big of a deal. Especially since I use safe products. And while the products sitting on my skin, probably wouldn't do any harm if I slept in them (in fact, there's one that I sometimes apply at night, but I'll get to that!), it's the dirt and grime of everyday life that you want to wash off. It's even more important when you touch your face during the day, which is another horrible habit that I am trying to break!

3) Recruit the Troops

I have every Beautycounter product available to me in my "stash", but I knew that I needed to focus on a simple, gentle skincare routine, and that I might need to bring in some safe acne fighters from another company if I didn't get the results I want. Here's what I started with:
=Morning and Evening=

I decided that I would stick with simple and re-evaluate and add in products on a two week cycle until I figure out the perfect routine for my skin. I have since tested the charcoal mask #3 1-2 times a week, the rejuvenating toner pads, the countermatch sleeping cream, the countermatch adaptive moisture lotion, the countermatch hydration serum, and the countermatch eye cream, all with great success! Here is my current routine:
Disclosure: I make a commission if you chose to shop through the links above. If you choose to shop, please confirm that you are shopping with Liz Badley :)

4) Give it Time

This might be the hardest step in the whole process. You'll see immediate benefits from a moisturizer, with full results in as little as two weeks. But for problems like acne - an inflammatory skin condition - it can take as long as six weeks to see the full benefit. For me, I knew going into this that I was building a "forever" skincare habit and that it might be a while before I got everything perfect. Also, being in the skincare/cosmetics industry, I also knew I might have set backs here and there when trying out new products. For me, this really has been about building a routine.

5) Ingredients Matter

This is not a post about safer products. Yes, I truly believe that reducing your exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals matters both in general and when dealing with acne, but what I mean by this is paying attention to ingredients that could help with skin healing. One of those ingredients is Zinc Oxide. Our Dew Skin tinted moisturizer uses zinc as the physical barrier sunscreen, and more than a few consultants have commented on the improved appearance in their skin with consistent Dew Skin use, so I decided that I would slather on the Dew Skin daily as part of my routine. I noticed such a change in my skin on days that I didn't put it on, that I tested the Dew Skin out as a spot treatment overnight. What I found is that I have less redness and pain when I do that. I have since been testing out the calming diaper rash cream in the same way. I find that I am getting even better results with the diaper cream! There are some mixed reviews online as to using a diaper cream with zinc for acne, but most of the warnings from skin professionals have to do with the other ingredients - like petroleum jelly and mineral oil - which are both on our 'Never List'.

A little demonstration on how the charcoal mask pulls imperfections out of the pores!
I'm always SHOCKED when the mask dries!
(the lipstick I have on is Little Black Dress from the holiday intense set!)

So there's my 5 skincare steps to clearer, healthier skin, but that's really only where fighting acne begins. The longer I am going through this, the more I am convinced that diet can really make or break your skin! My skin has never been better than about 2-3 weeks into the Whole30. For me, personally, I think that dairy and soy are the culprits. It has me very tempted to reduce the amount of both that I consume drastically, but I just really love dairy and pre-made food (which is usually full of soy!).

  • Have you tried cleaning up your diet to help improve your skin?
  • What about the zinc diaper rash cream trick?

Leave us a comment with your tips, tricks, feedback, and suggestions for what you'd like to see on this blog!

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