Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a complete repeat?

When I was getting dressed on Wednesday morning, I nearly repeated an entire outfit. This one:

Wednesdays just wanna have fun!

And shocker, I wore it on a Wednesday as well! I decided against repeating that outfit, mostly because I was sure I would be too cold in my office in 3/4 length sleeves, but also because I'm not entirely sure I am okay with COMPLETE repeats! Isn't the whole idea of a fashion blog to have some creativity? Creating cute looks out of common basics!?

Instead of repeating, I didn't take pictures today. I am wearing the same jeans and shoes from the above pic, plus a long sleeved thermal from primp, and my new quilted saucony running jacket. (I told you I was cold!)

This did get me thinking about how I seem to take the easy road when it comes to fashion/style. And that is - if I like an article of clothing, I usually get it in multiple colours. Here are some recent purchases I have made:

one sweater
I just loved how cozy this cardigan felt when I put it on. It's from Gap and I got it on my first trip to Gap in about 2 years. I used to have quite a long term relationship with Gap - we were steady, all things were great, but like all young love, Gap changed and we grew apart. After time had healed my broken heart (and because of some clever jeans ads) I started perusing Gap's web page for some inspiration pieces and I found this skirt:

one skirt
On the day I bought the sweaters, I was on a mission to get the black corduroy mini on the left. Since that purchase, Gap and I have been back in our serious relationship. I mean, it's definitely an open relationship, but I always check to see if I can get what I need there first!
This is one of my other multiples from this season at Gap:

one shirt
Looking at those four shots, I don't really wear that shirt very differently. Is it pretty much repeating an outfit? Is that okay?

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