Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cozy Friday

The snow stopped sometime on Thursday night, and the world was a cold, white, winter wonderland on Friday. Schools started 2 hours late, but our swim and dive meet was still on that evening! I got dressed thinking that warm layers might be the only way that I could make it through the day. This was certainly a day where I just kept layers until I was a)warm enough, b)felt I looked okay, c)and maybe also felt like I was wearing a blanket!

Cozy FridayCozy FridayCozy FridayCozy FridayCozy FridayCozy Friday
I pinned the scarf and sweater together in the center to achieve this look. It really felt as if I had a nice warm blanket with me on this cold, cold day!

When and Where:
  • Friday, 12-17-2010
  • to work
What I'm wearing:
  • scarf - target
  • sweater - Charlotte Russe
  • turtle neck, jeans - Kohl's
  • boots - Loehmann's
  • gloves - Dents from London

Cozy Friday
As you can see... Logan was still staying with us through the end of the week... and still had to make sure that he got into at least a few shots!

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