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Casual Friday

Even though my office is always casual (I am wearing leggings today), I decided to go with a classic casual Friday look on 12-10-10. White tee, Jeans, shell toes... Perfect!

Casual Friday! Casual Friday! Casual Friday! Casual Friday! Casual Friday! Casual Friday!

  • pashmina - the one Erin gave me for being in her wedding

  • sweater - American Eagle 2005 (i think?)

  • jeans - GAP

  • white tee - Loehmann's

  • shoes- Adidas - Loehmann's

I just love the lace detail on these shoes! Its super cute and the reason I bought them in the first place. Also - the birds on the cuffs of the jeans! When I saw them in the gap ads, I was in love but never thought I would buy them. Then when they had ONE pair in a size smaller than I usually wear, I tried them on and they zipped and buttoned without muffin top! It was meant to be!

Casual Friday! - check the kicks! Casual Friday! - check the kicks!

Here's the remix:Casual Friday Remix!

Thursday Cuteness

12-9-2010 On Thursday I wore a nice and simple "sweater and jeans" combo. Dressed up with some heeled boots, a scarf, and a hat! Toasty warm and super cute!

outfit 036 outfit 037 outfit 038 outfit 040 outfit 041 outfit 044 outfit 042

Here's the remix:

Picnik collage

  • hat - Target

  • sweater, scarf - GAP

  • jeans, boots - Kohl's

Wednesdays just wanna have fun

12-8-2010 On Wednesday I was soooo busy at work - stressed to the gills, had to take a crazy late lunch because of my swim and dive team picture. I barely had time to run home and take pictures of my outfit! So here they are - super snap shots of my "you look like a high schooler" outfit! (Zach kept giving me a hard time about my shell toes and rolled jeans!)

Wednesdays just wanna have fun!

I have to say I love the first picture! It's just so whimsical!

Wednesdays just wanna have fun! Wednesdays just wanna have fun! Wednesdays just wanna have fun! Wednesdays just wanna have fun! Wednesdays just wanna have fun!

  • top, belt, jeans - GAP

  • scarf - Target

  • shoes - Adidas

  • sunglasses - RayBan

Yes - I wear a lot of Gap... I have fallen in love with it all over again, as well as the AMAZING sales that they have had! I think I've always gotten at least 30% off!! (If not 45-50% off!) And I love scarves! They are a cute way to dress up jeans and a tee - plus they keep your neck warm!

Dress Up Tuesday

On Tuesday I felt like dressing up. I never have to wear anything more than jeans and a sweatshirt to work, but sometimes its nice to pretend that I work in a "real" office and not a parks and rec maintenance yard! This is what I wore (12-7-2010):

dress up Tuesday dress up Tuesday dress up Tuesday dress up Tuesday dress up Tuesday

I know I look a little silly with my uggs... but I still wanted to be uber comfy!

  • sweater, skirt - GAP

  • top - Jones New York

  • tights - target

  • boots - Ugg classic tall

  • sunglasses - RayBan New Wayfarer

  • scarf - from my mom

I've worn it all before too! Here's the Remix:

Picnik collage

Cold and Windy Monday

This is what I wore on Monday (12/6/2010). It was cold and windy and I wanted to be casual and keep warm!!

cold and windy Monday cold and windy Monday cold and windy Monday cold and windy Monday cold and windy Monday

  • pashmina - a gift from Erin (for being in her wedding)

  • necklace - Givenchy

  • sweater - GAP

  • tank - Target

  • jeans - Diesel

  • boots - old Ugg (classic short)

YIKES! STRIPES! - shopping with Jenny!

Jenny and I did a walk around Reston Town Center on Sunday (12/5/2010) and then managed to stay out all day shopping! This is what I wore:

DSC_0189 DSC_0191 DSC_0187 DSC_0181 Picnik collage DSC_0190

  • coat - Calvin Klein from Loehmann's 2007

  • scarf, legwarmers - target

  • gloves - dents - England

  • top, belt - Gap

  • Jeans - Levi's from Kohl's

  • Boots - Jessica Simpson - Loehmann's

  • Sunglasses - RayBan New Wayfarer

So I do love shopping, but I also wear all my clothes all the time! Here's the Remix:

Picnik collage

Saturday Night, Game Night!

On Saturday night (12/4/2010) I went out to dinner with Lizardeebee, Jenny and Josh to the Tortilla Factory (kind of the best hole in the wall mexican EVER!) then had them over, with Reid, to play Trivial Pursuit (we have the new betting edition - so fun!).

This is what I wore:

Saturday Game Night 12-4-2010Saturday Game Night 12-4-2010Saturday Game Night 12-4-2010

  • sweater and cords - Gap

  • tank - target

  • boots - Jessica Simpson

  • pearls - from my mom for my 18th birthday (my dad gave them to her the day she brought me home from the hospital)

While playing I got hot and changed out of my sweater into a favorite white tee - the spilled red wine all over myself! My pants still have a bit of a stain on them that I'm trying to get out with oxyclean... fingers crossed. I think the shirt is hopeless :(

Picnik collage

And I am wearing the same sweater in both those remixed pictures - from Kohl's

COLD, COLD Friday!

Winter is certainly among us today! I also finally figured out how to use my remote with my DSLR! SCORE!! Just in time for the family photos I'm responsible for tomorrow!

This is what I'm wearing today:

outfit 12/3/10

  • top and belt - Gap

  • coat - J Crew 2004

  • jeans - Levi's from Kohl's Junior

  • boots - Ugg

  • scarf - took from my mom!

outfit 12/3/10 outfit 12/3/10 outfit 12/3/10

And here I am posing like a little dork! :)

outfit dec 3


It's daily outfit time! This is what I am wearing today (12/2/2010). I didn't get a chance to take my picture yesterday because it was POURING all morning!

outfit 020 outfit 021 outfit dec 2

You can't really see the details on the shirt on the head to toe shots - so here it is:

outfit dec2 02

outfit dec2 03

I have worn and shared piece of this outfit on other days too. Here's the remix:

12/2/10 remixed

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