Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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We have rain here in Northern Virginia. I used to hate waking up to the rain falling, but now that I have some great rain boots, I get excited to wear them!

Here's what I wore yesterday (11/30/2010):

Rainy Tuesday

Rainy Tuesday

Rainy Tuesday

Rainy Tuesday

Rainy Tuesday

Everything but the boots came from Target over the years, and the boots were a steal at Loehmann's.

I felt like such a Barbie doll wearing this, and I loved it! Pink, Pink, Pink!

This is what I wore to work yesterday (11/29/2010). Let me remind you, my work is UBER-casual (I love it)!

post turkey day monday

post turkey day monday

post turkey day monday

post turkey day monday

So there it is! Can you tell yet that I LOVE scarves? How about boots? And skinny pants? Those things, miniskirts and tights may be my favorite things! :)

Have a great one!

I went to Costco and Safeway on Sunday with Lizardeebee to stock our pantry! This is what I wore:

Costco Shopping Sunday

Costco Shopping Sunday Costco Shopping Sunday

These are the AMAZING new boots that I got on Saturday with my mom! You can't really see how amazing they are in the full body pictures! I am in love with how comfortable they are and how dressy and casual they can be! They were $129 at TJ Maxx!

New Boots!

  • Scarf and ribbed tank top - Target

  • Sweater - Kohl's

  • Cords - Gap

  • Boots - TJ Maxx

I did my "daily outfit" photos myself with my camera in my room tonight... I went out with Annie to Town Center and ran into tons of people that I went to high school with. It was both fun and random. Here's what I wore:

night before Thanksgiving night before Thanksgiving night before Thanksgiving

The jacket, skirt, belt, and leopard tights all came from GAP (why I left the bag in the shot - though it was actually what I used to focus the camera... happy accident), The scarf and tee are from Target, and the boots are from Kohl's!

Here's my flickr oufits album!

I really like posting my outfits... too bad my mom really hates when I ask her to take the pictures! I have got to figure out how to do them myself!!

outfit 007 outfit 005-1 outfit 006 Me and My Shadow

flickr album

I woke my roommate up last night with all of my coughing. I thought I was feeling better, but my cold has come back with a vengeance! I didn't let it stop me from enjoying my (almost) monthly trip in to DC for the Bike to Work Day meeting!

I usually don't dress up for work - I don't, because I don't have to. I wear jeans most days, and usually don't even dress those up. But today, because of the meeting I got all dolled up! (and made my mom take pictures!)

  • Sweater - TakeOut from Kohls

  • Skirt and Tights are Gap

  • Jacket is LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohls

  • Boots are Jessica Simpson from Loehmann's

  • Socks are thigh high socks from Target

  • Stole the Scarf from my Mom

The meeting went really well, but I did feel a little overwhelmed when I got back to work! I was super busy with everything that I was supposed to do all morning!

I am pretty tempted to do the 30 for 30 closet remix that is on Kendi Everyday. I have until tomorrow to decide! The only part that I have a problem with is the not shopping... I guess I could do some shopping and not do any wearing! Also, I should probably look more closely at it, because if it includes workout clothes, I'm out! I can't do laundry that often!

I had actually just finished editing this picture of a cute outfit I wore last week:

I wish I could document all my cute (very casual, because that is the kind of office that I work in) outfits! Too bad it is REALLY hard to take a (good) picture of yourself, even with a tripod and timer!

I wore that same sweater and scarf when I went to see Howie Day earlier in October too:

So I guess I am already good at remixing my closet! And since accessories (like scarves) don't count, I can just wear the same boring stuff with different scarves and hats!!

Still thinking about it, but I think I am leaning toward doing it!!

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