Thursday, December 16, 2010

Seeing Red - tights that is!

On Tuesday we had our quarterly all staff meeting at work. I took the opportunity to dress up, but it took a couple of tries to get my hair/outfit the way I wanted it. Here's try number one:
Seeing Red...tights!

The poof wasn't working for me - so here's a braid:
Seeing Red...tights!Seeing Red...tights!

I left for work and decided that my hair was looking super stringy and I didn't like my sweater tucked in... so here's what I ended up in:
Seeing Red...tights!

As you can see - I have been taking pictures in my living room, since it has been bitterly cold outside recently. What you might not know is that my roommate's mom's dog, Logan, is staying with us. Her mother's boyfriend is a photographer (Keith Lanpher - AMAZING!). Logan heard the familiar sound of the shutter of a DSLR and thought this photo shoot was for him!
Seeing Red...tights!Seeing Red...tights!Seeing Red...tights!Seeing Red...tights!

I had no idea he was in the shots until I went back to review them quickly... He's such a professional, he found his window even as I was moving around, unaware that he was there! Once I saw him in the shots - I did some with him:
Seeing Red...tights!Seeing Red...tights!Seeing Red...tights!

When and Where: Tuesday - 12/14/2010 to work
What I'm wearing:
  • tank - Express
  • sweater - Central Park from Loehmann's
  • skirt - GAP
  • tights - Hue from TJ Maxx
  • boots - TJ Maxx

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