Tuesday, December 21, 2010

These Boots...

are made for walking...? Not really, but they did inspire this outfit! It was one that I sort of build from the bottom up. Not as in I picked out the boots first and went from there. No, as in I found the cream sweater at the bottom of my clean laundry basket and decided to wear it! This was actually another outfit that just kept getting layered until it felt right. "Tank top here... sweater there... how about another sweater... add a scarf..." I added the boots because I realized from doing this blog that even though I am 5'8" in real life, I look kinda short standing alone in pictures! Expect more heels!!

these bootsthese bootsthese bootsthese bootsthese boots

Seriously, sometimes I don't know what is going through my head when I am posing:

these boots

At least I can laugh at myself:

these boots

these boots
When and Where:
  • Tuesday, 12-21-2010
  • to work and to a friend's party
What I'm wearing:
  • scarf - Target
  • tank top - Express
  • cream sweater - Take Out from Kohl's
  • military sweater - LOFT (a gift from Jenny)
  • jeans - SO from Kohl's
  • boots - Apt 9 from Kohl's
Here's the Remix:

these boots - REMIX

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