Thursday, January 6, 2011

a little bit rock'n'roll...?

a little bit rock'n'roll....?

Okay, so maybe I exagerated yesterday when I described this outfit. It's just the shoes and eye makeup that really give this look any edge what so ever! I still love it though! I was super sneaky and wore socks with my slingback/peep toe shoes to try to make them look like booties. Did it work? I think it was good enough for a girl on a budget! When I bought this shirt I knew I liked it right from the hanger. I have always been able to look at something on a hanger and decide if it will hang right on me. My sister says that this is because my shoulders are like a coat hanger! Anyway, the girl working at the gap said she wasn't sure she liked the shirt until she saw it on me... flattery will get you everywhere! I bought it in 2 colours (yes, I have a problem!).

a little bit rock'n'roll....?a little bit rock'n'roll....?a little bit rock'n'roll....?a little bit rock'n'roll....?

When and Where:
  • Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
  • to work
What I'm Wearing:
  • headband - Loehmann's 2008
  • top, belt - Gap
  • tank - Target
  • jeans - Levi's from Kohl's
  • socks - Kohl's girls section
  • shoes - Simply Vera from Kohl's


  1. i like the shirt a lot! very cute outfit :) I haven't been to the gap lately, I might need to check it out next time I'm at the mall and see what they have for me ;)

  2. so i think i will move into ur closet so i can steal ur clothes!! serious havent bought myself anything new in forever plus its hard shopping after having a baby is so depressing!! might have to have u be my stylist!


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