Wednesday, January 26, 2011

no strings attached

no strings attached

Sunday was bitter cold! After being out late the night before, I skipped my planned long run in favor of a 40 minute treadmill run. Then headed out to Arlington with my roommate to meet DC and some other girls for brunch and a movie. I usually set up my tripod and take my pictures with my handy wireless remote. But today I handed my camera to my roommate and had her take the pictures... big mistake! :) She kept making me laugh, and the pictures get progressively sillier.

The day got even sillier from there though! Somehow we ended up with a magnum of champagne for mimosas and a long wait for our food, you do the math. Okay, I'll do it: 6 girls + very large bottle of champagne + no food = silliness, laughter, and fun! The walk from the Arlington Rooftop Grill to the theater was full of giggles and knee slapping, along with shivering and teeth chattering. As for the movie, it was a perfect chick flick! I highly recommend watching it, even if you wait for it to come out on video.

no strings attachedno strings attachedno strings attached
no strings attached

When and Where:
  • Sunday, January 23, 2011
  • to brunch and a movie (no strings attached) with the girls
  • shopping after the movie with my roomie
What I'm Wearing:
  • earings - via Loehmann's
  • scarf - Gap
  • sweater - Loft
  • leggings - via Loehmann's
  • boots - via TJ Maxx
Photos by Liz DeBiase

    no strings attached

    And this is to make you feel like you are at brunch as well!



    1. What a super cute look. Love the boots, scarf, and earrings gives the outfit lots of extra pizazz! Love your "about me" description. I too love dressing casually (most of the time) and finding ways to make it fun & stylish. :-)

    2. Thanks so much! I checked out your blog and it is adorable! I will definitely be checking it out on a daily basis!


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