Wednesday, February 2, 2011

(2) a change of scenery

a change of scenery

After getting many positive comments about the pictures Jenny took for me over the weekend, I decided to schlep my camera and tripod with me to Plaza America and take my outfit shots before getting my (almost daily) Starbucks. I tried to pick a location that masked the fact that Plaza America is pretty much just a strip mall... did it work?

This is also not what I had planned on wearing today either... I didn't really have a plan, but everything else that I tried on just didn't seem warm enough for this icy morning. In fact, the second I stepped out of my house, I started to wonder if I had really made the best shoe choices for my 30 for 30, but as Tim Gunn would say "make it work." So that is exactly what I intend on doing!

a change of scenerya change of scenerya change of scenerya change of scenerya change of scenery

When and Where:
  • Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
  • to work
What I'm Wearing:
  • coat - Express (2008)
  • necklace - Apt 9 via Kohl's
  • sweater - Loft
  • jeans - Gap
  • shoes - Target
Reston On Location: Plaza America

Picnik collage

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